Why Wooden Toys are Kind of a Big Deal!

Children are tactile creatures, the way wooden toys feel is warm and inviting. There is something special about touching and playing with things that are made from natural materials. I have witnessed it year after year as a kindergarten teacher, wooden toys are definitely the choice of preschoolers.

Wooden toys are a great choice when you are buying toys. Here’s why:

  • Wooden toys will not get brittle and break like plastic toys can. The are sturdy and strong!
  • When cared for, wooden toys will last a lifetime and can be handed down from generation to generation. There’s nothing more special than watching your child play with a wooden toy that you loved, or a toy being handed down from the eldest sister to the youngest brother of the family.
  • Wooden toys don’t usually require batteries, have flashing lights or make alarming noises, making them a calmer choice for children who are easily overstimulated.

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  • If you select wooden toys that have non-toxic surfaces you are safeguarding your children from potential health risks that plastic toys can pose.
  • Wooden toys are a sustainable choice as many are made from sustainable materials such as rubber wood. Wooden toys can also be made of wood from plantation forests that are grown specifically for this reason. Once the tree has been used, another tree is planted in its place right away. Great for cleaning our air!
  • Wooden toys can provide inspirational play ideas and due to their positive tactile elements keep children engaged for longer.

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