Wonderworld Wonder Farm Set

Wonderworld Wonder Farm Set


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Product Description

Wonderworld Wonder Farm is an educational wooden imaginative play toy that will encourage your child to role play life on a farm. Your child will enjoy using the magnetic pulley system to raise and lower the bundles of hay and milk cans. The tractor can be used to cart objects and the adorable wooden animals are a great inclusion. This lovely set will inspire hours of open-ended play and stimulate social and language development when playing with others. The set features the barn with pulley system, 2 farmers, tractor and trailer, 2 cows, 2 horses, 2 sheep, kennel, hay bail and milk can. This lovely product is made from rubber wood, an eco-friendly, sustainable and high quality timber.

Extend Play and Learning

For younger children sing Old MacDonald and talk about the sounds of the farm
For older children the pulley system is a great way to learn simple physics concepts. Talk to your child about how a pulley works and when and why they are used. Your child may even be able to think of other contexts that pulleys are used in. If you are handy, try rigging up a small pulley at home or over your sand pit.

Age 3+
Dimensions 29 x 26 x 23cm

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