Wild Republic Cuddlekins 12" Crocodile

Wild Republic Cuddlekins 12″ Crocodile


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Product Description

Wild Republic 12″ crocodile is ultra soft and silky and feels warm when cuddled up against. Its life like facial features are a delight. Of course, Crocodile is perfect for hugs and warm beds but is also great at inspiring imaginative play.

Wild Republic are known for their high quality designs, fabrics and manufacturing. Wild Republic stuffed animals are sold in many prestigious zoos around the world. You and your child will be thrilled when you feel the softness of this gorgeous Croc.

Wild Republic works closely with many foundations to provide housing and education for disadvantaged children, as well as protection for abandoned animals throughout the world. Proceeds from this sale will help support these organisations. Also available as part of our baby boy gift pack

Extend Play and Learning

Here are some Crocodile facts from Wild Republic to extend your child’s general knowledge.

Crocodiles are found in warm waters throughout the world. They lie still in murky water with only their eyes and nose showing. Without warning they leap out of the water with terrific speed and power to catch unsuspecting prey. Babies eat tiny fish and insects. Adults catch larger prey like water birds and mammals and can grow to lengths of 20 feet.

Age 3+
Dimensions 12″ or 31cm L

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