Sticker- ABC Desk Strip - NSW Foundation Style

Sticker- ABC Desk Strip – NSW Foundation Style


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Product Description

Develop literacy and writing skills with this adhesive desk strip. It displays both upper and lower case formations of the NSW foundation script that is taught in all schools across NSW. The strip is varnished for extra protection.

Extend Play and Learning

If your child is interested in the alphabet and writing and is of preschool age, this educational resource can be used to introduce them to this style of writing. Your child may like to copy the letters that they can see, phonetically sound them out or just look at them from time to time. Exposure to the style they will be learning at school is important so that it is familiar to them.

If your child is of school age, this is a great educational resource to help them remember how each letter is formed, its size and how it should sit on the lines of a their page.

Age 4+
Dimensions 42 x 10cm

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