Ravensburger In the Galaxy Puzzle

Ravensburger In the Galaxy Puzzle


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Product Description

Ravensburger In the Galaxy Puzzle is beautifully realistic and will inspire your little astronaut to learn about the worlds beyond.

This educational puzzle features a space shuttle, astronaut, comets, stars, the Milky Way, the Moon and all of the planets in our solar system including Earth.

Containing 60 pieces this jigsaw puzzle is made from tough recycled board and will get your child’s fingers moving, developing coordinated and controlled finger movements. Concentration and spatial awareness will be honed as your child locks together each puzzle piece.

Extend Play and Learning

Space is one of those topics that children find fascinating. They love to learn facts about the mysterious galaxies far away. If you have a space book why not investigate the planets featured in this puzzle. Find out their names, climate and distance from the sun. You may even like to investigate the shuttle and astronaut to find out how humans enter space.

If you would like a few facts to start your space investigation, here are some goodies…

  • Jupiter (planet at the top of puzzle) is the largest planet and has a giant long lasting hurricane called the Great Red Spot that is three times bigger than Earth.
  • Saturn (planet on the left) has hundreds of rings around it made from chunks of ice and rock and it has 60 moons.
  • The Milky Way (bottom left) is made up of trillions of stars and is our galaxy where our solar system is located.
  • Andromeda Galaxy (top right) is our closest neighbouring galaxy.
  • Venus (yellow and black, top right) is a very hot lava covered planet, with a volcano as big as Mt. Everest and acid rain.
  • A Space Shuttle (top left) uses 2 rocket boosters to launch from Earth. Once in space they (and a fuel tank) eject and the shuttle relies on it’s own engines.

Finished Puzzle Dimensions Approx 26 x 36 cm
Package Dimensions 27.5 x 19 x 4cm

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