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Ravensburger Puzzle Ball Children’s Puzzle Globe


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Product Description

Explore our own plant earth by studying a real globe of the world. This unique 108 piece puzzle is constructed around a spherical frame to hold it’s shape and comes with a display stand for the finished globe. This puzzle is a challenge for your little puzzler as they learn about countries, global landmarks and the native animals that exist in each part of the world. They will also be challenging their problem solving skills and developing their fine motor coordination, all while developing their attention span.

Extend Play and Learning

Use the finished globe to elicit discussion about the countries that interest you and your child. Show them places where you have visited or where family members and friends live. Discuss the native animals of each country and talk about what their habitat is like. Use the landmarks as an introduction into more complex learning such as the pyramids and then use Google images to show them the real thing. While you are looking you can discuss food that comes from each region and let this inspire some cooking you could do in the kitchen together. Maybe you could roll your own sushi (kids love doing this) or make your own pizza.

Age 7+

Dimensions Box Size: 22 x 22 x 7cm  Finished Puzzle Size: 14 cm d

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