Papo Cannon

Papo Cannon


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Product Description

The Papo Cannon is a great addition to any pirate ship or castle.

The strength and quality of Papo figures will last the test of time and will stand up to the most enthusiastic of play. Inspiring imaginative and dramatic play this hand painted Papo figurine could quickly become a favourite with your child.

Extend Play and Learning

Figurines/replicas are excellent learning toys for your child. As they inspire the imagination, children are able to role play and develop creative story lines and play scenes.

While they are pretending with figurines/replicas, your child will be using and practising their language skills in the areas of articulation, grammar, sentence structure, story telling and vocabulary development. If using them with friends, their social development and cooperative play skills will be fostered. Skills in conversation, turn taking, sharing, listening to others, compromise and negotiation will all be enhanced.

Figurines/replicas are open-ended toys which means your child can creatively decide the direction their play should go in. Because of this, an array of story lines will unfold, imagination can be cultivated and fears and anxieties can even be played out.

Age 3+
Dimensions 8 x 5cm

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