Melissa and Doug Happy Giddy Cultivator

Melissa and Doug Happy Giddy Cultivator

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Product Description

Melissa and Doug Happy Giddy Cultivator will cultivate more fun in the garden. This durable, child-size, metal garden tool is perfect for boys and girls with a green thumb . Happy Giddy’s funny face and bright coloured easy-clean handle, make gardening activities exciting!

Gardening will inspire your child to get up close to nature. Learning about seeds, soil, plant growth and plant care will occur while your child is busy using their motor skills to dig, scape, place, pat and water.

The Happy Giddy Cultivator perfectly compliments the Happy Giddy Trowel, which is sold separately at The Play Hive.

Extend Play and Learning

Children love gardening! It is a fabulous opportunity for them to get in touch with Mother Earth while learning new life skills. Try these fun activities…

  • Plant a vegetable garden with your child. Plant varieties that they enjoy eating or that you would like them to eventually taste. A vegetable garden can easily be grown in a patch of your garden. If you don’t have a garden but have a balcony, never fear, plant pots are perfect for growing vegetables in.
  • Children also love herbs. They are easy to sow in your garden or grow in a pot. The taste and fragrance of herbs make them a great sensory experience for children. Children love the ease of picking a leaf to smell, and then eat. As herbs are great for salads and cooking, children will love adding them while they help you cook.

We know your child will enjoy using their Happy Giddy Cultivator and Trowel for gardening projects. But what if they want to use them when there is no gardening to be done? Easy, there are many other ways to use these tools…

  • In the Sand Pit- Combine the Happy Giddy Cultivator and Trowel with a bucket or old plant pots for sand castle fun. Or, collect some small leafy broken branches from the garden floor. Fill up a few old plant pots with sand. Stick the small branches onto the center of each pot and voila, some pretend pot plants for a pretend nursery shop.
  • At the beach- Take the Happy Giddy Cultivator and Trowel along with a bucket for great fun by the sea side.
  • Grains of Fun- For sensory play with a difference, fill up a large shallow container with a huge bag of rice, dried lentils or soup mix. Add the Happy Giddy Trowel, a few cups of different sizes, a small jug and a funnel. Your child will be entertained for hours as they scoop, scrape, dig and pour.

Age 3+
Dimensions 3.5 x 31 x 8.5cm

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