Kangaroo Toy - Barefoot

Kangaroo Toy – Barefoot


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Another stunning piece from Barefoot, this lovely Kangaroo Toy is full of charm and character. With a Joey that can hop in or out of its mother’s pouch, this gorgeous marsupial is bursting with vibrant colour. The joey is attached with a cord so that it will never lose its mum! The charm of this delightful creature means it will appeal to babies, toddlers and children. Younger ones can feel the different textured fabric or carry it around by grasping its tail, while older children will create imaginative stories with this fun toy. All features are embroidered on for the safety of children of all ages and stages.

As Barefoot products are 100% handmade, each Kangaroo is unique therefore the colours of your toy may differ from the ones pictured. Please see the thumb nails for a few more colour examples. If you have a specific colour in mind, please contact us before purchasing.

Barefoot products are made of 100% hand woven fabric and 100% natural fibres. They are stuffed with kapok, a vegetable fibre much like cotton that is found in the seed pods of the kapok tree. The Swiss dyes used are colour fast and non-toxic.

Barefoot Artisans are dedicated weavers and needlewomen who, without time constraints of mass production, are able to produce premium quality workmanship. Barefoot Sri Lanka opposes exploitative practices. Each Artisan earns a real wage enabling them to support their families with self-respect and dignity.

Can be hand washed with gentle detergent.

Age 3 months +
Dimensions 28cm H

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