Girl Dress Up Bear

Girl Dress Up Bear



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Product Description

A great emotional intelligence toy, this dress up bear features 6 faces depicting 6 different emotions to promote emotional recognition. It also features mix and match fun with 6 pants and tops that can make 216 different combinations. A great way to encourage fine motor development, emotional development and discussion about feelings with you kids. A boy version is also available.

Extend Play and Learning

Young children find it hard to control their emotions but as they mature they begin to regulate them independently. Talking about emotions with your child will help this process, so use these lovely bear faces to start meaningful conversations about feelings. Here are a few conversation starters in case you get stuck…

“Gee that bear looks angry, what makes you angry?”
“How do you think that bear feels? (child’s response) How can you tell?”
“Wow, that bear is crying? How do you think it feels. How could it cheer itself up?”

Age 3+
Dimensions 14 x 11 x 4cm

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