Fun Factory, Magnetic Shapes Build a Picture in Carry Case

Fun Factory, Magnetic Shapes Build a Picture in Carry Case


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Product Description

Fun Factory Magnetic Shapes Build a Picture in Carry Case is a fabulous wooden educational toy for kids. 

The sturdy wooden carry case opens up to reveal 2 magnetic boards and heaps of coloured wooden shape magnets to make pictures with. Inside the case you will also find fun design cards for your child to copy that will challenge thinking skills and foster brain development. The magnets can also be placed on the board in your child’s own design fostering imagination and creativity. Your child will learn about shapes, colour, coordination and spatial concepts. The carry case makes it an ideal toy for travelling.

Extend Play and Learning

Extend your child’s thinking skills by suggesting pictures to make.  As they won’t have a design card in front of them they will have to concentrate, think, asses and problem solve to make the suggested picture. Start off with easy suggestions such as a house or a car. Then as they get better suggest some challenging pictures.

Take the magnets out of the case. Place a piece of paper on your fridge and place a magnet in each corner so it doesn’t slip off. Then encourage your child to make a picture with the magnets. When they are done they can very carefully trace around the shapes of their picture. Then take the magnets off and they have a record of their design. Then they can get creative by decorating with paints, collage materials, pencils, crayons, etc

Age 3+
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