Feelings and Expressions Face - Toy

Feelings and Expressions Face – Toy


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Product Description

Want to avoid tantrums and emotional outbursts? Help your child express their emotions with this Emotions Felt Face. It is an excellent educational toy that will assist your child’s emotional development.

The face has removable velcro felt features that can be used to express feelings on the face. By changing the combinations of features, the face can feel a whole range of emotions- happy, sad, angry, surprised, frightened, silly, excited etc.

This toy can also be used as a tool to teach the names of facial features and their position on the face.

This clever toy will assist your child to identify feelings by looking at facial expressions. When used as a tool to initiate discussions about emotions, it can help to teach your child ways to cope with feelings in themselves and others.

With a handy hanger, it is easy to hang on your child’s bedroom wall for funny face fun or to refer to during emotional times and discussions.

Extend Play and Learning

The learning opportunities with this toy are amazing. Here are a few suggestions that will help your child’s emotional development.

  • Feelings Guessing Game- Ask your child to close their eyes. Create a feeling on the face, and then ask your child to open their eyes. See if they can guess the feeling you have made. When they have, ask them how they know this. This will help them to understand that the eyes, eyebrows and mouth are all indicators of emotion. It will also help them develop their vocabulary, as they will learn and use words such as frown, smile, dropping eyes etc.
  • Make the Face Game- Make an emotion on the felt face then make the expression on your faces. Ask your child what makes them feel this emotion. It’s useful to share what makes you feel this way too. This activity will help your child recognize and understand emotions in themselves and others and that it’s ok to feel every emotion.
  • If your child is having trouble expressing themselves during an emotional moment, assist them to create how they are feeling on the felt face. Then encourage them to verbalise this feeling and why. For example “I feel angry because…” This will help them identify their feelings and learn appropriate ways to express them. Then brainstorm ideas that they can use to help themselves to feel better.
  • Make an emotion such as an angry face together and sing the song ‘If You’re Angry and You Know It”. If you make a sad face sing “If You’re Sad and You Know It.” After you have sung each song reflecting the emotion you have made, brainstorm with your child appropriate ways to express and cope with this emotion. For example if you are talking about feeling frightened you might suggest hugging a teddy bear, hiding under their covers, or going to you for a hug. This game is great for all children to learn to cope with their own emotions however it is particularly good for children who display quite extreme or inappropriate behaviours such as aggressive or rough behaviour. This is because it reinforces the appropriate alternative behaviours.

Age 2+
Dimensions 45 x 63cm

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