Djeco 1001 Nights Stitching Cards

Djeco 1001 Nights Stitching Cards


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Product Description

The Djeco 1001 Nights Stitching Cards are an unprecedented marriage between illustration and textile art. Sequins and spangles illuminate the finished product. This set is fabulous for your child’s fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and textile skills.

The Djeco 1001 Nights Stitching Cards Set includes 3 beautifully illustrated pierced cards, hanks of coloured thread, sequins/spangles, a round-ended needle and full colour instruction booklet.

The finished cards look stunninng hanging on any child’s bedroom wall.

Age 8+ Younger children will need a little bit of help

Product Code DJ8671
Dimensions 16.5 x 23 x  4 cm 

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