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Dinosaur Magnets Set of 20


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The Viga Magnetic Wooden Dinosaur Set includes 20 pieces all packed neatly into a sturdy box for storage. The set includes dinosaurs of many different shapes and sizes for your child’s imaginative play.

Extend Play and Learning

These magnets can be used in many ways, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pop the magnets on your fridge and tell a story with your child.
  • Try to name all of the dinosaurs. If you can’t pull out your favourite dinosaur encyclopedia or look online to investigate their names.
  • For children who are interested in writing help them write the name of some of the dinosaurs on small strips of paper. Depending on their abilities you could dictate the letters to them while they write, write the names for them to copy or sound the letters out while they write . The children can then stick the words on the fridge or magnet board with the corresponding magnets. This is excellent for their fine motor and literacy development.
  • Your child can draw a back drop for the dinosaur magnets on a large piece of paper. They can include mountains, volcanoes, swaps, caves, etc. This can then be stuck to the fridge. Place the magnets on the backdrop and viola, you have a dinosaur habitat ready for storytelling and imaginative play.

Age 3+

Box Dimensions 20 x 18 cm

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