Frozen Fruit Sticks

Frozen Fruit Sticks are great for kid’s parties, or just a snack after a hot, tiring day. They can be made from just about any fruit you have in your fruit bowl. We have used banana, strawberry, pineapple and orange.

What You’ll Need

1 large banana
1/2 punnet small strawberries, hulled
1/4 pineapple, peeled
1 orange, peeled
12 paddle-pop sticks
Juice of an orange

Learning and Development

Healthy eating- Fresh, nutritious ingredients for growing bodies
Life Skills- Preparing food
Fine Motor Skills- Controlling and coordinating hand movements, threading fruit onto the stick etc

Age Suitability

Assist your child with these steps where required…

Step 1.

Cut fruit into bite sized pieces that are big enough to thread onto the pop sticks.

Step 2.

Soak banana in orange juice for 5 minutes.

Step 3.

Carefully thread the fruit onto the pop sticks.

Step 4.

Place in the freezer for approximately  4 hours until ready to serve.

Step 5.

Eat frozen…Yum!