Washing Dolls and Teddies for Relaxation

Water play is soothing to the soul. Children love using water for a range of activities but will find using warm water and bubbles especially nice. Promote relaxation through washing your child’s beloved dolls and teddies.

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Everyone Has Feelings–Emotional Recognition Activity

As your child throws a tantrum in the supermarket isle you dream of the day that they will have the ability to control their own emotions. In the early childhood teaching profession we call this emotional regulation. As a teacher, I find it extremely rewarding to watch a child develop and mature emotionally so they can do things like, defer their wishes until later (no more tantrums) or have a conversation about how they feel....

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Fun With Ants- What’s an Ants Favourite Food?

Does your child love creatures of the six legged variety? Are insects their obsession? Do they love watching and collecting creepy crawlies? Is your child interested in the ant colony in your garden? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, well this amazing ant activity will be right up their alley! This great activity will be lots of fun for your child to discover what ants like to eat.

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Getting To Know Your Child – Open-ended Questions for Meaningful Conversations

Sometimes it’s hard to get meaningful conversations going with your child, particularly if they have a quiet or closed personality. There may be certain areas of your child’s life that you would like to know more about- how they feel, what makes them happy, sad or scared? Or maybe it’s how they perceive themselves, their friends, your family or maybe even you.

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