School Transition Made Easy

Is your little one starting school soon? It’s a big, brand new world out there that can be overwhelming at first. Starting school brings change into our children’s lives which can be exciting but also bring stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Having an older sibling at school may help with their introduction to what school is about as they’re somewhat familiar with the environment and staff, but this will not always guarantee to a smooth transition....

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kid stress

10 Easy Ways to Help Your Child De-Stress and Relax

Unfortunately children feel stress much the same way that adults do, but because children are lacking the life experience that adults have, they are much less equipped to deal with it. Stress in children can manifest in many different ways. Some kids become emotional or withdrawn, some become lethargic, and others do the opposite of what you might expect. They become so wound up their behaviour becomes overwhelmingly excitable and uncontrollable. 

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Relaxation Through Meditation – For Kids

Life these days is busy! Working, shopping, running errands, emailing, housework, cooking, dropping kids off at sport practice, pre-school and school… Wow, exhausted yet? Well our kids are often on this stressful ride with us and unfortunately have their own overscheduled daily routines.

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Baby Laughing

Emotional Development– Birth to Five Years

Emotional development refers to the attainment of emotional capabilities throughout life. These capabilities enable us to have and understand feelings within ourselves and others. Emotional development provides us with capabilities and skills that we need to function within society.

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Washing Dolls and Teddies for Relaxation

Water play is soothing to the soul. Children love using water for a range of activities but will find using warm water and bubbles especially nice. Promote relaxation through washing your child’s beloved dolls and teddies.

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Activities to Promote Social and Emotional Development in 3 Year Olds and Pre-Schoolers

The development of social and emotional skills start within the first few hours of life and continue throughout a lifetime. The amount of social and emotional development that occurs in the infant and early childhood years is astonishing.

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Everyone Has Feelings–Emotional Recognition Activity

As your child throws a tantrum in the supermarket isle you dream of the day that they will have the ability to control their own emotions. In the early childhood teaching profession we call this emotional regulation. As a teacher, I find it extremely rewarding to watch a child develop and mature emotionally so they can do things like, defer their wishes until later (no more tantrums) or have a conversation about how they feel....

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Teaching Children About Respect

Aretha Franklin certainly knew what she was talking about when she belted out these lyrics… “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”, Find out what it means to me! Take care, TCB!

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Japanese Zen Garden For Kids

We live in a fast paced world and our children are along for the ride. Just like adults, children need time out to relax and rejuvenate. Here is a sensory activity based on a Japanese Zen Garden that will help children relax and be creative.

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Help Your Child Construct Self Confidence

Having confidence in oneself is extremely important. It is the way we judge and assure ourselves that we have ability, skill and power over our lives. Being self confident influences all aspects of our life, from how we interact and express ourselves to seizing opportunities and achieving life’s dreams and goals.

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