kid stress

10 Easy Ways to Help Your Child De-Stress and Relax

Unfortunately children feel stress much the same way that adults do, but because children are lacking the life experience that adults have, they are much less equipped to deal with it. Stress in children can manifest in many different ways. Some kids become emotional or withdrawn, some become lethargic, and others do the opposite of what you might expect. They become so wound up their behaviour becomes overwhelmingly excitable and uncontrollable. 

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boy meditation

Relaxation Through Meditation – For Kids

Life these days is busy! Working, shopping, running errands, emailing, housework, cooking, dropping kids off at sport practice, pre-school and school… Wow, exhausted yet? Well our kids are often on this stressful ride with us and unfortunately have their own overscheduled daily routines.

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Washing Dolls and Teddies for Relaxation

Water play is soothing to the soul. Children love using water for a range of activities but will find using warm water and bubbles especially nice. Promote relaxation through washing your child’s beloved dolls and teddies.

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Japanese Zen Garden For Kids

We live in a fast paced world and our children are along for the ride. Just like adults, children need time out to relax and rejuvenate. Here is a sensory activity based on a Japanese Zen Garden that will help children relax and be creative.

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