School Transition Made Easy

Is your little one starting school soon? It’s a big, brand new world out there that can be overwhelming at first. Starting school brings change into our children’s lives which can be exciting but also bring stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Having an older sibling at school may help with their introduction to what school is about as they’re somewhat familiar with the environment and staff, but this will not always guarantee to a smooth transition....

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10 Easy Ways to Scaffold Your Child’s Learning

Please enjoy this excerpt from our ebook ‘How to Super Boost Your Pre-Schooler’s Learning.’ If you’d like to download our FREE ebook, click here. Scaffolding is one of the most effective ways to take your child’s learning to the next level without stress, pressure, tantrums or boredom. But what is scaffolding I hear you ask? Let’s find out. Lev Vygotsky, a well-respected developmental psychologist proposed a theory that learners have a ‘zone of proximal development’ (ZPD),...

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Wooden hape blue ufo

Why Wooden Toys are Kind of a Big Deal!

Children are tactile creatures, the way wooden toys feel is warm and inviting. There is something special about touching and playing with things that are made from natural materials. I have witnessed it year after year as a kindergarten teacher, wooden toys are definitely the choice of preschoolers. Wooden toys are a great choice when you are buying toys. Here’s why: Wooden toys will not get brittle and break like plastic toys can. The are sturdy...

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Red and green scissors

The 8 Steps to Cutting Success and Activities to Match

Here you will find the most common stages children go through when learning to cut with scissors. Children generally follow this predictable pattern however sometimes stages may be skipped. Each cutting activity suggested can be extended into an art, craft or imaginative play activity. These extension activities encourage the overall development of fine motor skills, which in turn feeds back to strengthening cutting skills.

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kid stress

10 Easy Ways to Help Your Child De-Stress and Relax

Unfortunately children feel stress much the same way that adults do, but because children are lacking the life experience that adults have, they are much less equipped to deal with it. Stress in children can manifest in many different ways. Some kids become emotional or withdrawn, some become lethargic, and others do the opposite of what you might expect. They become so wound up their behaviour becomes overwhelmingly excitable and uncontrollable. 

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boy meditation

Relaxation Through Meditation – For Kids

Life these days is busy! Working, shopping, running errands, emailing, housework, cooking, dropping kids off at sport practice, pre-school and school… Wow, exhausted yet? Well our kids are often on this stressful ride with us and unfortunately have their own overscheduled daily routines.

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Baby Laughing

Emotional Development– Birth to Five Years

Emotional development refers to the attainment of emotional capabilities throughout life. These capabilities enable us to have and understand feelings within ourselves and others. Emotional development provides us with capabilities and skills that we need to function within society.

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Washing Dolls and Teddies for Relaxation

Water play is soothing to the soul. Children love using water for a range of activities but will find using warm water and bubbles especially nice. Promote relaxation through washing your child’s beloved dolls and teddies.

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Cheese Bickies

These Cheese Bickies are yummy, yummy, yummy! What more do we need to say?

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Frozen Fruit Sticks

Frozen Fruit Sticks are great for kid’s parties, or just a snack after a hot, tiring day. They can be made from just about any fruit you have in your fruit bowl. We have used banana, strawberry, pineapple and orange.

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