About Us – The Play Hive

Over my many years of pre-school teaching I have been fortunate enough to work with the most divine families and children.

Every year, I’m inundated with questions from parents about where they can purchase the beautiful learning toys, games, puzzles, role-play equipment and resources that I provide within my pre-school program. They love seeing their happy children play with wooden, colourful, creative and inspiring toys that foster skills, learning and development.

Developing relationships with these families has enabled me to discover some common concerns. Parents are becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount of ‘cheap’, low quality, plastic and licensed toys that are directly advertised and marketed to their children. They are fed up with the wide scale availability of these products and the increasing difficulty of trying to figure out the good from the bad. Parents are telling me that they want to be able to find ‘better choices’ and be able to make ‘wiser decisions’ when it comes to purchasing toys for their children.

It was these thoughts and comments that inspired the creation of The Play Hive.

The Play Hive is about supporting children and parents. I’m passionate about spreading the word on the importance of play and the educational value of providing quality toys and experiences that stimulate imagination, learning, creativity, problem solving and development. You can rest assured that the toy choices you make here at The Play Hive will be educational and of course, bring loads of fun!

I know that families often look for advice and suggestions when it comes to childhood matters. As a teacher I’ve shared my knowledge, expertise and strategies to help the families I’ve worked with– from how to make play dough, to strengthening social skills, to managing children’s behaviour. I would like to share this information with you too! On our blog you will find an abundance of information related to play, development, learning, behaviour and the well being of your child. Tried and tested tips, children’s activities and practical advice are all at your fingertips.

I really hope you enjoy The Play Hive experience.

Emma Butler


Emma Butler Founder / Director